Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Bathed in sunlight and surrounded by the Danube, Erdut Vineyards Ltd, located in easternmost Croatia, has been actively working on the development of the spirit of tourism in this area for two years now.
The well known love affair between wine and tourism has born fruit here in Erdut.  In an area with more history than many large cities of the world, surrounded by beautiful scenery and with a 280 year-old tradition of grape-growing and wine production, each guest can find something of interest.
The treasury of history will transport you to the setting of a medieval fortified feudal town, founded in 1359 as Erdod (forest road), as evidenced by the preserved remains of the towers of Erdeed Castellum from the 15th century, proudly rising above the Danube.
A rich and interesting history, architectural uniqueness and original surviving portions of the grounds, adorn one more protected cultural monument, the Adamovich Cseh Castle, from the first half of the 19th century, partially transformed into one of the best restaurants in the area.
In recent history Erdut was registered as a center of peace, in which the Erdut agreement of 1995 was signed with respect to the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube region.
We offer our visitors a tour of the original cellar from 1730, and a new cellar and winery built in 1985 with a capacity of 6 million litres of wine, located close to 513 hectares of vineyards that shelter the largest wine barrel in use in the world, with a volume of 75,000 liters  - something to leave all wine lovers breathless.
It is here that we organise tasting of a variety of top quality wines from this region for our visitors.

Those who enjoy physical activities will enjoy a walk through the winery overlooking the Danube, and for those even more active, there are facilities for table tennis and tennis as well as football/soccer fields.
There is also a large newly renovated hall for holding weddings and other gatherings for up to 200 people and a hall for presentations, team-building, etc., for up to 100 people. We offer authentic local food, especially in the countryside, a picnic on the grass. All this with the possibility to relax in our rooms available for overnight accommodation.

If you like jogging, you'll enjoy our promenade. We own two tennis courts, a hall for table tennis, a football/soccer field. Close to the winery, there is educational walk through the protected landscape Erdut with 226 „stairs of health“, towards the Danube. For cycling enthusiasts, we can recommend cycling routes in the area.

During your stay in Erdut, we certainly recommend that in additon to our ancient cellars from 1730, the the Adamovich Cseh Castle from the first half of the 19th century, the Erdeed  Castellum Tower from the 15th century (Zero Category Monument), you visit the birth house of Milutin Milanković in Dalj, the Shrine of our Lady of Consolation in Aljamaš, and all the natural beauty of our region.

During your stay in Erdut, we recommend that you visit a few organised events, such as: St. Vinko in the Erdut vineyards, the Flower Fair, the Old Customs and Crafts Fair, Cherry Days, the Lady of Aljamaš, Wine and Bike Tour (second weekend in September), Gužvarijada in Dalj.

10 – double rooms / double beds

•    Distance from the center: 400 m
•    Nearest busy road 1000 m
•    Post office: 500 m
•    Physician: 400 m
•    Dentist: 340 m
•    Pharmacy: 10 km
•    Grocery store: 400 m
•    Shopping centre: 40 km
•    Petrol station: 10 km
•    Train station: 2 km
•    Airport: 40 km
•    Local bus stop: 400 m