Premium Wine

Graševina, vrhunsko vino 0,75 l Graševina, premium white wine 0,75 l
Grashevina is a semi-sweet wine made from Grashevina ( ItalianRiesling ) grape varieties. It has a fresh and pleasant aroma and greenish-yellow color. Best served at temperature of 10-12C and goes deliciously with fish, white meats and roasts.

Chardonnay, vrhunsko vino  0,75 l Chardonnay, premium white wine 0,75 l
It is a widely known wine made from the eponymous grape variety from the very best positions of Erdut vineyards. The scent of wine is dominated by a beautiful , elegant , not too intense but specific aroma of Chardonnay varieties, best enjoyed pure , from the classy smaller glasses with a stand, chilled to a temperature of 11-12 ° C.

Traminac mirisni, vrhunsko vino  0,75 l Aromatic Traminer, premium white wine 0,75 l
Made from the eponymous grape variety. The king of the Gewurztraminers, the richest in alcohol and extract, develops a most luxurious wonderful aroma, and fine bouquet. It can be drunk as an aperitif, main and dessert wine. Serve at a temperature of 11-12°C.

Merlot Barrique, vrhunsko vino 0,75 l Merlot Barrique, premium red wine 0,75 l
High quality wine with characteristic varietal aroma. Originating from France, from the Bordeaux vineyards, soft wine, low in tannins and high in alcohols, tolerating barrique well. At full maturity has prunes and black currant aroma. Very popular and widespread throughout the world. It goes well with dark meat and venison. Serve chilled at a temperature of 12-15 ° C.