Quality wine gift packs

Graševina 1x,75 l Graševina ( Welschriesling ), 1x0,75 l

Quality wine produced from the Welschriesling grape variety, cultivated on gentle terraces surrounded by the Danube. Its characteristic colour is light yellow with greenish reflections and its varietal aroma is easily recognizable. Aged with love in barrels made of Slavonian oak, it is characterised by fullness, harmony and roundness of all components. Best served cooled at temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees.

Graševina, Zweigelt 2x0,75 l Graševina, Zweigelt 2x0,75 l

Zweigelt - wine produced from the Zweigeltgrape variety, cultivated on selected spots of the Danube wine region. This distinctive, exceptional and savoury wine is characterised by a prominent and enticing aroma of the Marasca cherry. Aged in centuries-old Slavonian oak, it achieves the highest possible harmony. It pairs well with spicy foods, dark meats, especially venison. Best served at temperatures up to 16 degrees.