A romantic marriage ceremony is made possible by the plateau seventy meters above the Danube.

When night fell, and the stars came out in the full opulence seen only in the wilderness of nature, the Danube was more beautiful, misterious and magnificent than ever during the day. And when soaked in moonlight, it was magical.

This was written about the Danube by the great scientist Milutin Milanković. Come and be assured that your wedding might look equally as magnificent.

Vjencanje 1
Vjencanje 2

En Primeur

En Primeur

On Wednesday, January 31 at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb, our winery participated in the event „En Primeur“, jointly organized by the Wine Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Graševina Croatica, Vina Dalmacije and Hortus Croatie associations. The young white wines of the 2017 vintage were tasted for the first time. The following wines from Erdut were sampled: graševina, Rhine riesling, rose, merlot and cabernet franc. Our winery was represented by mr. sc. Josip Pavić (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), our directors Dunja Vukmirović and Pero Grgić, and our chief enologist Melita Rumbak.

This traditional event stimulated great interest among the press, guests and citizens as it is an excellent way of familiarizing oneself with the latest merchandise on offer by Croatian wineries.

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