Pinot grigio novo

Pinot Grigio

Sort: Pinot Grigio

HR Classificat ion: premium semi-dry wine

contains fruity aromas for all fans of lively and fresh wines

Color: soft yellow-green

it is recommended to serve chilled at temperature of 8-10 °C

Alcohol: 14,5 %

Produces and fills:
Erdutski vinogradi d.o.o.



Harvest: 2021

Wine region: Erdut vineyards, Croatian Danube, Croatia

strong, lively and harmonious, but not heavy taste. Sweetness, freshness and fruity notes are felt: citrus fruits, peach, pear, green apple

Gast ronomic recommendat ion: 
goes well with cooked white fish, chicken and cheeses at sunset

Vinificat ion: 
fully ripe grapes are harvested in mid-September, ten days after the regular harvest period. Fermentation takes place under controlled conditions with special yeasts. Aging and care of wine in the cellar lasts 11 months.

Packaging: bottle 0,75 l


Pinot Grigio (PDF)